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►The Hidden Blessings of Failed Goals
I'd like to share a little secret: I totally and utterly failed my 2013 resolution.  And guess what?  Thank goodness I did! 

►Staying Motivated All Year Long
New Years Resolutions or goals are as much a curse as they are a cure for creating the life you want.  Set yourself up for success, high self esteem and confidence here!

►Madison Magazine February 2013 - You, Better, Now

Madison Magazine speaks with our Principal Coach Claire Hall and three other health experts on guiding you towards all your exercise, food, life and wellbeing goals. (Opens as PDF file).

►Dear Santa
Santa's answer to fat thighs, dream jobs and dreamy men!

►Five Tips to Make Your Life Happier Right Now
News.com.au talks to our Head Coach Claire Hall (Opens to news.com.au website).

►Good Health Magazine: Help! Am I Boring?
Don't wait for the stifled yawn, here's how to know if your conversation will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.  Good Health Magazine talks to Authentic Empowerment's Claire Hall.  (Opens as PDF file).

►Madison Magazine Article: Friendly Fire
Our friends are supposed to enrich our lives.  So what happens when they drag us down?  Madison Magazine talks to Authentic Empowerment's Claire Hall.  (Opens as PDF file).

►Good Health Magazine Article:  Charm School
Charm, Magnetism, the X-factor, Charisma...whatever you call it, some people just seem to have it in spades.  Good Health Magazine talks to Authentic Empowerment's Claire Hall about why.  (Opens as PDF file).

►emPower Magazine Article:  Time to Celebrate
It's always surprising how quick we are to dismiss the old year in exchange for the new.  It feels like a huge opportunity gets lost.  This year, do something different.  We show you show to acknowledge the year that was and celebrate in your own way.  (Opens as PDF file).

►From Anxiety to Zen

Through Eastern practices of mediation, visualisation, and mindfulness, people are finding an effective stress management tool as well as a deeper connection to the Self.

►Love YOU
There is a very simple question I want to ask, simple yet challenging: Do you love you?

►Me, Motherhood and I
To every mother who has experienced moments of overwhelm, here are 10 steps to regaining your balance.

►Hold On To Yourself
It’s human nature to want to avoid suffering and seek out a more comfortable solution.  To understand who we are and to make peace with our personality can be one of the greatest struggles in our lifetime. 

►The Juggling Act of Time

Time management skills are crucial to leading a well balanced life. Here are some great tools and tips on how to address your time management skills.

►Living With Authenticity
Learn about the keys to living an authentic life for greater happiness and self empowerment.

►The Rules of Positive Thinking
The importance of seeking out the positive actually has an impact in the plasticity of our brain and how we view our life.

►New Years Resolutions Are BORING!
Let’s be honest, most New Years Resolutions last about as long as it takes for the champagne you’ve been drinking on New Years Eve to wear off.  So why is the new year a good time to make those changes you’ve been thinking about?

►emPOWER Magazine Article - A New Understanding
Identifying our own personality profiles and that of those around us can lead to a new understanding and harmony in our relationships. (Opens as PDF file).

► Womanism - the new feminism?
Feminism has brought us a long way as women but is it time to unpin our feminist badge and seek a more wholistic approach?

► Can You Think Yourself Thin?  2UE Radio Interview
Claire Hall talks with Australia's No.1 Trainer & Dietitian 2008 Sean Kirsten about the importance of mindset when training or embarking on a fitness program.  (Mp3 audio file).

► What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn't fail?
Have you ever taken the time to truly consider your answer?

► Want to be more ATTRACTIVE?
Well do you? What would be different in your life if you felt more attractive? What impact would it create? Learn how to start creating it with these first steps.

► Work Life Balance: SEVEN Simple Steps
Work-life balance is a term familiar to most busy women. Despite it’s simplistic self explanatory definition, its actual existence requires committed dedication to ensure rewards.

► Can’t buy my love but what about happiness?
Happiness is basically a formula according to some psychologists. Read here to find out exactly what it means to be happy.

► Goals are just dreams with deadlines
Goal setting brings ambitions into life! This article outlines the steps to create achievable, inspirational and motivating goals.

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