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Empowered Fertility - A Practical 12 Step Guide

Empowered Fertility
Claire Hall with Dr Devora Lieberman

Infertility can make women - and their partners - feel completely powerless. This clear, perceptive and incredibly helpful book enables women to empower themselves to not only deal with infertility but navigate the often difficult and confusing path through IVF.

With the assistance of Dr Devora Lieberman, a leading Sydney Fertility Specialist,  EMPOWERED FERTILITY is a practical guide for women to help them cope with their psychological wellbeing, their emotions, family and friends and their attitudes during a very difficult time. It contains clearly structured and expressed information and offers women practical steps to assist them as they go through the processes of treatment for infertility.

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Guided Meditation & Relaxation Mp3's

Mini-Breaks For Your Mind
Short guided meditations for instant relaxation. 

This 40 minute digital CD comes in Mp3 format for you to listen to anywhere.  There are 4 guided meditations ranging from 6 minutes to 12 minutes each.  Perfect to listen to on the bus or train when on your way to or from work, during your lunch break or anytime you need to clear your mind quickly. 

These guided meditations offer a simple and highly effective relaxation and visualisation experience and will suit both beginners and the experienced.   All tracks are custom written and produced by Claire Hall and Authentic Empowerment and have been developed based on demand from clients.

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Ready Set Goal

This internationally published book by Wendy Buckingham was first written in 2001 and has been updated several times to become the preferred goal planning and life skills manual.  If you want a simple yet comprehensive tool to help with your goals then this is for you.

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Recommended Reading & Listening

Authentic Empowerment has compiled a range of recommended reading and listening resources to support your coaching experience. You can purchase any of our recommended titles right here on our website.

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Recommended Reading & Listening Material

Goal Setting for Kids

Teach your children about goal setting, visualisation and the law of attraction with these beautifully illustrated e-books.  There is one for younger kids and another for older children plus a parents guide and activity sheets for your child. 
These e-books can help to:

  improve your child's self esteem
  help your child to achieve
  help provide a sense of purpose
  show your kids how they can make their wishes come true

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Goal Setting for Kids

Children's Books for Inspiration

These books are especially written for children and are promoted by the trusted publishers at Hay House, with positive messages of inspiration, understanding, self esteem and courage.

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