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Life Coaching with Authentic Empowerment

  Our Life Coaching Programs - The Ultimate Self Development Course!

Our exciting life coaching programs usually take place over 5 sessions, 10 sessions or 20 sessions and for the best results are scheduled weekly.

We make use of the latest solution focused techniques and brain based theory and will help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time while uncovering a whole new level of self awareness that you'll have for the rest of your life.

Your coach will act as your:

  MENTOR            someone who believes in you and will stretch you to your real potential
  MANAGER          to facilitate the strategies and manage your progress
  MOTIVATOR     to keep you in action with confidence to move forward
  TRAINER            to ensure you follow through and create the change

Coaching takes place either over the telephone or in person at a regular time and location.  Many people enjoy telephone coaching from the comfort of their own home or office, while others prefer the commitment of meeting face to face with their life coach.

Each week you will meet or call your coach for your session and you will also have access to telephone and email support between sessions.  It's not just about your coaching session each week - it's about utilising our training and expertise to bring out your personal best in an ongoing, supporting environment.

Your first session will use our unique process to delve beneath the surface to uncover the goals you really want to achieve, while session two details the strategies and foundations needed to attain these goals.  The following sessions are a highly motivating process as you move towards achieving your goals while uncovering your strengths and opportunities to learn more about yourself and what is important to you.

Coaching Tools You Will Use

All of our life coaching programs also include use of our behavioural profiling tool which will provide you with new insight into your behavioural patterns - and we'll show you how you can use this insight to your fullest advantage.  Your coach will also tailor your coaching experience based on your own profile style for maximum results and a truly personalised experience. 

During your coaching experience you may also use some of the Authentic Empowerment tools on:

  Uncovering limiting beliefs
  Time management
  Stress management
  Mind mapping techniques
  New project/business analysis
  Work/life balance check
  Behavioural and communications skills
  Awareness skills
  Self esteem, image and confidence
  Understanding affirmations
  Beating procrastination
  Working with relationships
  Leadership techniques
  Goal setting
  Quieting the mind/meditation and relaxation
  Discovering your values
  Discovering your needs

All program material is provided in our workbook folder that you will be able to keep and reference in the future.

The coaching partnership involves a commitment of time and energy from both you and your life coach. This is why a trial session is advised to ensure there is a connection before embarking on a coaching partnership.

Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be by working towards what's important to you every week for your entire coaching series!
You'll be more self aware, more positive, will achieve greater results and will enjoy the support of your life coach.

Conquer Your Challenges ► Take Control Take Action Create Momentum!

Express Coaching

Express Coaching consists of one off sessions designed for brainstorming specific areas of your life.  It offers fast tracked, solution focused techniques ideal for prioritising, refocusing or creating motivation just when you need it.  Great for graduates of our Life Coaching Series who need a quick fix to work through an opportunity or challenge.

All coaching is completely confidential.

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